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  • Story Of A Small Senior In My Company

    My Company's Small Senpai ; My Tiny Senpai From Work (Serialization) ; Uchi no Kaisha no Chiisai Senpai no Hanashi ; うちの会社の小さい先輩の話

  • Author(s) : Saisou ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb 20,2021 - 14:16 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 16,047
  • Genres : Comedy, Romance, Seinen, Slice of life,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.89/ 5 - 53 votes

Story Of A Small Senior In My Company summary:

-"My senpai from work... is tiny and cute."Shinozaki is an office worker who is taken care of and coddled by his senior team member Shiori Katase: a gorgeous, profoundly kind, loving, and diminutive woman. Shinozaki certainly hopes that she's not doing it out of duty... but her joy of doing so increasingly exposes her feelings!This page refers to the popular webcomic's official serialization, which began on the Storia DASH website on April 3, 2020.
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