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  • Slave Of Black Knight

    Black na Kishidan no Dorei ga White na Boukensha Guild ni Hikinukarete S-Rank ni Narimashita ; The Slave of the "Black Knights" is Recruited by the "White Adventurer's Guild" as a S Rank Adventurer ; ブラックな騎士団の奴隷がホワイトな冒険者ギルドに引き抜かれてSランクになりました

  • Author(s) : Jiou Hamu Fukurou ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan 13,2021 - 23:08 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shounen,
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  • rate : 4.74/ 5 - 576 votes

Slave Of Black Knight summary:

I worked like a slave in the chivalric order, where all the outcomes were exploited my senior, but I was scouted by a pretty little girl who called herself a guildmaster.Initially I accept it half-jokingly but after I was shown a great sum of advance payment, I decide to leave the chivalric order. When I went to the guild, even the title of S-rank was prepared.—This is a success story of a man who has never had a good thing since he was born.
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