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Split Lover summary:

“If my true heart leaks, I wonder what feelings I will convey...” In this world, if your dissatisfaction rate reaches a certain level, your "Split" will satisfy your desire for you; Fission Syndrome.Makoto, a first-year high school student who fears Splitting and confessing to his crush, was accustomed to keeping his feelings hidden… Until, one day, in front of Makoto's eyes, his crush develops Fission Syndrome?! Moreover, it was a terrible Split that appeared...Received a grand prize at the 3rd Manga Box Editorial Club. "I can't hide my thoughts in this world," the Split Love manga is finally published!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 6.5: Extra 4,750 Nov 02,20
Chapter 6: Request 6,810 Oct 12,20
Chapter 5: Suspicion 7,056 Sep 30,20
Chapter 2: True Feelings 9,262 Jul 11,20
Chapter 1 14,582 Jun 24,20
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