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Touch Your Heart summary:

Korea’s Top Star, Oh Yoon-Seo (Real name: Oh Jin-Shim) At the time when she was at the peak of her popularity, she had to retire due to rumors with a third-generation conglomerate spreading. “What can I do to be the female lead?!” “Law firm secretary, Acting.” My god, she has it all, beauty, body, and intelligence, but the one thing God didn’t give her was, acting. [The story that inspired the popular K-drama, Touch Your Heart.]
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Chapter 7 173 2 hour ago
Chapter 6 1,697 Aug 23,20
Chapter 5 2,122 Aug 23,20
Chapter 4 2,367 Jul 24,20
Chapter 3 2,144 Jul 24,20
Chapter 2 3,189 Jun 15,20
Chapter 1 4,360 Jun 15,20
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