This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Aewol's Dream summary:

Instead of borrowing the power of the earring and gaining strong strength, the people of Miao are suppressed by their side effects, the two families Aewol and Fanhwa who survived the crisis of extinction hundreds of years ago, both live quietly in the western part of the continent, serving as a guard for Dang Juhwan. One day, ‘Juno’ a representative of the God of Yokai, descends to the ground and pronounces a ‘trial’ on the people of Miao. If they can’t solve the mysterious ordeal, the two of them will disappear and the people of Miao will disappear from the earth ..! Can Aewol and Fanhwa overcome this crisis? And why did the ordeal come to Miao?
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Chapter 6 35 3 hour ago
Chapter 5 222 Sep 29,20
Chapter 4 296 Jul 09,20
Chapter 3 326 Jun 25,20
Chapter 2 469 Jun 15,20
Chapter 1 1,374 May 26,20
Chapter 0 1,768 May 15,20
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