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  • You Are My Catnip

  • Author(s) : Quan Quan Ta ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan 14,2021 - 01:02 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Romance,
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You Are My Catnip summary:

Wu Yue is a ‘catnip’ descendant- one who carries the fragrance of catnip on her body. Not knowing better, she enrolled in a school that is filled with cat descendants, causing a commotion and to be chased around by them. In the process of escaping, Wu Yue accidentally kissed Li Zechu, a descendant of the jaguar, and unexpectedly discovered that Li Zechu’s kiss could somehow camoflage her unique fragrance. Thus, in order to quell the commotion she had caused and survive in school, Wu Yue had to become Li Zechu’s pet. She would have to endure all sort of harrassments, just for a kiss from Li Zechu… It is an impossible kind of development. Wu Yue vows to find another solution to this problem and be rid of the control of the demon Li Zechu!
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Chapter 6 0 6 hour ago
Chapter 5 510 Dec 16,20
Chapter 4 1,236 Dec 06,20
Chapter 3 1,037 Dec 06,20
Chapter 2 1,547 Sep 28,20
Chapter 1 2,021 Sep 18,20
Chapter 0 1,709 Sep 18,20
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