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  • Sensei, Suki Desu.

    先生、好きです。 ; 선생님, 좋아해요. ; Aku mencintaimu, guruku ; Sensei, Sukidesu ; I Love you, Sensei ; I Love you My Teacher. ; I Love You, My Teacher ; I Love you, Teacher.

  • Author(s) : Miura Kouji ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov 30,2021 - 00:43 AM
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  • Genres : Romance, School life, Shounen,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.28/ 5 - 306 votes

Sensei, Suki Desu. summary:

A bachelor for the past 11 years, Higuchi Yuuki is a male teacher in an all-girls school. He keeps wondering how to bridge the gap between himself and his students when he’s suddenly confessed to by Ichikawa, one of his students!Although Higuchi rejects her, Ichikawa does all she can to get her teacher to turn her way -- even if it means making him grope her and holding his hand in class! When Higuchi can’t understand why she’d like an unimpressive and inexperienced guy like him, she kisses him! Will Higuchi be able to handle the feelings of his beautiful student, especially when she’s not the only one to have fallen for him…!? A dramatic school love story unfolds!
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