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Kirara Fantasia summary:

Etoilia, the joyful and prosperous land governed by the goddess Sola.<br>Towering at the heart this land is "The Tree of Words". At the top of the Tree lies the Temple, which shines radiant light.<br>With the power to observe other worlds, the goddess Sola noted the everyday lives of the people living in those worlds.<br>The books she had written are referred to as "The Scriptures", which are loved by the people, and became an object of worship.<br>The Scriptures recorded various tales, and through reading them, the people were able to acquire the source of life force, "Crea".<br>With the Goddess as the center, the world was full of "Crea", and Etoilia sustained a great period of peace.<br><br>ーHowever, that peace had suddenly collapsed and crumbled away<br>The Goddess Sola was sealed away by a certain someone.<br>With the Scriptures becoming dull and fading in significance, the "Crea" on this world is gradually diminishing.<br>Among this anomalous situation, one person and one creature rose up.<br>"Lamp" and "Match", who once were servants in the Temple, set off on a journey in order to rescue the Goddess...<br><br>ーBy seeking after the legendary summoner.
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Chapter 3.2 0 1 day ago
Chapter 2.2 2,260 Mar 10,20
Chapter 2 3,716 Nov 30,19
Chapter 1.3 4,646 Oct 13,19
Chapter 1.2 3,390 Oct 08,19
Chapter 1 5,449 Oct 08,19
Chapter 0 8,049 Sep 29,19
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