This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

One Pair Lady summary:

When I woke up from my sleep, my house had disappeared?! Adele, a gambling genius, suddenly transmigrates ten years into the future. Participating in a gambling event at the request of the tower master, Rudy leads her to meet the Duke of Elfinheim, the organizer of the event. A name that I seem to have heard somewhere, with a familiar pronunciation and appearance. What is this strange feeling? "Where's the lady the Duke was looking for? "Aha, that rumored lady? "Yes. I heard rumors that the gambling ship itself is currently afloat only for that woman." Besides, the rumored lady's description is similar to mine?!One Fair Lady / 원 페어 레이디
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 7 6,344 Jul 28,21
Chapter 6 5,103 Jul 28,21
Chapter 5 4,965 Jul 28,21
Chapter 4 4,887 Jul 28,21
Chapter 3 5,100 Jul 28,21
Chapter 2 5,439 Jul 28,21
Chapter 1 9,226 Jul 25,21
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