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  • Akatsuki No Yona

    暁のヨナ (Japanese);拂晓的尤娜; 晨曦公主 (Chinese); 새벽의 연화 (Korean); Yona - The girl standing in the blush of dawn; Yona of the Dawn (English); Yona - Prinzessin der Morgendämmerung (German); กู้บัลลังก์มังกรแดง (Thai); O Amanhecer de Yona (Portuguese); Yona Princesse de l'Aube (French)

  • Author(s) : Kusanagi Mizuho ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul 21,2021 - 03:18 AM
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  • View : 28,226,153
  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 3.15/ 5 - 9557 votes

Akatsuki No Yona summary:

: Yona of the Dawn, known as Akatsuki no Yona in Japan. "Yona of the Dawn" , also called Akatsuki no Yona -The girl standing in the blush of morning-) is a Japanese manga series by Mizuho Kusanagi, serialized in Hakusensha's sh?jo manga magazine Hana to Yume from August 2009The storyline follows the redemption of Yona, the princess that is only to the kingdom of Kouka. Yona lives the carefree life of a princess in Hiryuu fortress, shielded by her bodyguard and youth pal Son Hak, and being sheltered by her pacifist dad, King Il. Within a party her other childhood friend and love interest Soowon comes to pay her homage. Meaning to tell her daddy that she cannot forget her love for Soowon, she sees the chambers and witnesses of King Il him being killed by Soowon, who discloses he will now correctly rule Kouka. Hak intercedes and saves Yona and they escape in the fortress to the birthplace of Hak, the Village of Wind. Beneath the proposition of the grandpa Son Mundok of Hak, Hak and Yona hunt for an oracle named Iksu. Iksu tells them the legend of the four dragons who unified the kingdom, as well as the very first king of Kouka, Hiryuu. Hak and Yona, joined by Iksu's helper Yun, start a journey to locate the mythical dragons that are reincarnated so that you can live and save the Kingdom of Kouka.She's the primary protagonist of the show as well as the name character. Yona is the sole princess of Kingdom of Kouka. Her mom was killed by insurgents when she was young, leaving her father, King Il to raise up her with Soo-won and Son Hak. Being a real princess, she was innocent, spoiled and dependent. Yet, after her dad's passing and Soowon's treachery, be powerful enough to fight and protect herself and she determined to be independent.Therefore, she requested Hak to educate sword and her archery. While astoundingly reluctant to kill, this reluctance was finally overcome by her through the conflict against Kumji. She's considered the reincarnation of Hiryuu, the very first king of the Kingdom of Kouka, who also had reddish hair. Being the reincarnation of Hiryuu, the four mythical dragons's blood will respond the minute they set their eyes upon her and they are going to hear the voices of the initial four dragons' oath to shield Hiryuu. Yona travels across the united states to understand the external world in addition to shield her folks and her nation in secret. Although Yona cannot forgive Soowon, some element of her still cares about him and she still keeps the hairpin she was given by him. Over time though, she appears to have developed feelings for Hak. She learns to wield a sword and after mainly uses the bow and arrow in fight.He's the childhood friend and bodyguard, along with the prior general of the Wind Tribe of Yona. He's called the "Thunder Beast" for his astounding lightning-like fighting abilities, earning him the title of the most powerful soldier in the Kingdom of Kouka. Since he was thirteen years of age, his ability had recently been understood and he was the primary man to become general at such a youthful age. As an orphan the last Wind Tribe general, Son Mundok embraced him, as his grandson.Hak is generally calm and nonchalant, sometimes teasing Yona, although he vows to guard her at any cost and really cares greatly for her. He was a good buddy of Soowon before his treachery, and appears to have adored Yona from a young age. Yet, understanding that Yona had feelings for Soowon, Hak continues to be suppressing his own feelings in favor of Soo-won and Yona living happily together. He vowed to be Soowon's right-hand man if Soowon were to wed Yona and become king. When others get close to Yona Hak is proven to be exceptionally protective of and even envious. In battle, Hak works on the Hsu Quandao as his primary weapon.He's an orphan son who had been taken by the monk, Ik Soo, as an apprentice, when he was a kid. Due to expertise at making and cooking herbs and his adorable and pretty face, he teased to be a girl or is frequently mistaken for. He seen Hak and Yona when they fell in the cliff following the ambush directed by Tae-Jun. He initially disliked for being an unlearned princess Yona, but he apologized, after seeing the bravery of Yona. His hate for aristocrats originated in the fact Ik Soo was banished from your kingdom by Soo Won's dad. He always imagined going on a journey, but never did so for Ik Soo outside of concern. Yun now travels with Hak and Yona.He's the cousin along with her first love; a pretty boy with gold hair of Yona. He was cheerful, kind, and a klutz. When around others, Soo Won keeps his external character making himself seem awkward to conceal his intelligence that is true. After the mom of Yona perished, Soowon was the person who guaranteed to be by her side in her mom's area and inspired Yona. He was additionally the companion of Hak. Soowon's dad was killed by Yona's dad, King Il (although publicly he allegedly expired due to an injury). This leads Soowon take on the throne, kill the dad of Yona, and to conspire with all the Fire Tribe. With King Il Yona and dead missing with Hak, Soowon is crowned the brand new king. Despite the fact that he declared he'll dispose of anybody who gets in his way and despises King Il, Soo Won truly cares for both Hak and Yona. He conceals the reality that Yona is still not dead from his followers using the fire tribe propagating rumors that Hak killed King kidnapped Yona and Il.Other manga: + +
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Chapter 211: As Is Natural 39,651 Jul 21,21
Chapter 210 60,965 Jul 06,21
Chapter 209 51,144 Jun 24,21
Chapter 208 75,390 Jun 06,21
Chapter 207 122,366 Apr 20,21
Chapter 206 90,586 Apr 05,21
Chapter 204.5 82,722 Mar 05,21
Chapter 201: Gloom 87,248 Dec 18,20
Chapter 200: No Time Left 69,489 Dec 04,20
Chapter 195: The Last Wish 69,891 Aug 22,20
Chapter 188: Chasing Eyes 116,933 Feb 21,20
Vol.32 Chapter 187: Secret 139,762 Jan 21,20
Vol.32 Chapter 185: Longing 128,194 Dec 23,19
Chapter 181: Opening Battle 104,784 Oct 10,19
Chapter 180: Unveiling 142,012 Aug 25,19
Chapter 179: Empty Cheers 120,808 Aug 25,19
Chapter 174: Right Here 160,983 Aug 25,19
Chapter 170: Front Lines 119,923 Aug 25,19
Chapter 166 110,255 Aug 25,19
Chapter 165 107,821 Aug 25,19
Chapter 164: Their Aim 115,448 Aug 25,19
Chapter 163: Lending A Hand 128,950 Aug 25,19
Chapter 162 109,966 Aug 25,19
Chapter 161 117,511 Aug 25,19
Chapter 160 114,033 Aug 25,19
Chapter 159 118,943 Aug 25,19
Chapter 158 135,579 Aug 25,19
Vol.tbd Chapter Extra 90,665 Aug 25,19
Chapter 157 121,281 Aug 25,19
Chapter 156 99,172 Aug 25,19
Chapter 155 132,170 Aug 25,19
Chapter 154 128,535 Aug 25,19
Chapter 153 139,617 Aug 25,19
Chapter 152 150,008 Aug 25,19
Chapter 151 110,232 Aug 25,19
Chapter 150 115,576 Aug 25,19
Chapter 149 93,041 Aug 25,19
Chapter 147 97,804 Aug 25,19
Chapter 145 : What Is Right 108,217 Aug 25,19
Chapter 144 105,670 Aug 25,19
Chapter 141 : Influence 100,016 Aug 25,19
Chapter 140 95,018 Aug 25,19
Chapter 139 91,110 Aug 25,19
Chapter 138 94,490 Aug 25,19
Chapter 137 111,383 Aug 25,19
Chapter 136 : Message 72,699 Aug 25,19
Chapter 134.6 : Take Care 68,464 Aug 25,19
Chapter 133 : Proof 63,012 Aug 25,19
Chapter 122 : Close To You 83,939 Aug 25,19
Chapter 120.5 64,351 Aug 25,19
Chapter 120.1 71,269 Aug 25,19
Chapter 120 : Reach 73,006 Aug 25,19
Chapter 118 : To Your Side 71,773 Aug 25,19
Chapter 113 : Let S Fight 63,888 Aug 25,19
Chapter 105.5 : Extra 67,389 Aug 25,19
Chapter 99.5 65,558 Aug 25,19
Chapter 99.1 : Fly 72,586 Aug 25,19
Chapter 98 : Run 65,119 Aug 25,19
Chapter 96 : Dark Clouds 62,840 Aug 25,19
Chapter 87 : Pursuit 62,336 Aug 25,19
Chapter 85 : To Sensui 62,810 Aug 25,19
Chapter 84 : We Part Here 65,981 Aug 25,19
Chapter 80 : Vortex(Fixed) 62,893 Aug 25,19
Chapter 79 : Just Looking 64,145 Aug 25,19
Chapter 76 : Fixed 67,385 Aug 25,19
Chapter 70.2 : Anthology 58,686 Aug 25,19
Chapter 67 : "flames" 65,046 Aug 25,19
Chapter 55 : Like A Dream 65,667 Aug 25,19
Chapter 51 : Entranced 69,142 Aug 25,19
Chapter 50 : The Release 69,843 Aug 25,19
Chapter 48 : Bad Attraction 100,686 Aug 25,19
Chapter 47 : Sweet Rain 93,075 Aug 25,19
Chapter 45 : Battle Game 66,963 Aug 25,19
Chapter 36 : Fireworks 51,302 Aug 25,19
Chapter 32 : Connections 48,841 Aug 25,19
Chapter 30 : Negotiations 47,607 Aug 25,19
Chapter 29 : Bonds 47,034 Aug 25,19
Chapter 25 : Given Name 47,184 Aug 25,19
Chapter 24 : Light 46,214 Aug 25,19
Chapter 23 : Echoing Fear 44,259 Aug 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 9 : Roar 50,174 Aug 25,19
Chapter 2 : A Torn Bond 72,089 Aug 25,19
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