This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Don’T Touch Me! summary:

Six years ago, with a thoughtless remark, the downcast Princess was forced to marry the powerful Governor of the East Chamber? A real princess and a fake eunuch, what a weird couple! On the wedding night, Governor Shen pushed her against the couch and smiled harshly, “I have an old debt to settle with the Princess.” Changning looked at the handsome man at her feet with teary eyes and trembled, “Don't come near me, back off! But, why is this old debt a bit sweet?
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Chapter 1 3,116 May 06,21
Chapter 0.3 4,765 Apr 08,21
Chapter 0.2 4,537 Apr 08,21
Chapter 0.1 5,282 Apr 08,21
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