This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Strategic Lovers summary:

Kouta, a high school boy whose father is the chairman of the Higashiyama Group, a large corporation involved in the development of railroads, department stores, and resort facilities, plays the leading role in a romantic survival game. As the son of his father's 23rd mistress, Kota doesn't really feel like the son of the chairman. Despite this, he's suddenly chosen as the next chairman of the Higashiyama Group and is assigned a girl to be his mistress. 
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 6 30,480 Jul 17,21
Chapter 5 43,799 Jun 25,21
Chapter 4: Opening 37,892 Jun 25,21
Chapter 2: Castling 38,559 Jun 25,21
Chapter 1: Zugwang 116,369 Mar 20,21
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