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  • Finger Girls


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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug 09,2021 - 11:02 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, School life, Shounen,
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  • rate : 3.87/ 5 - 128 votes

Finger Girls summary:

Feige, a high school student, has no special characteristics except that his left hand is thicker than an ordinary person, and his biggest wish is to have a wonderful youth encounter. Unexpectedly, on this day, Banhua would take the initiative to invite him to the rooftop for lunch! ! It didn't take long for Feige to realize that things were not simple. On his left index finger, a grumpy girl lived in, claiming to be a warrior guarding the "love" of mankind, and wanted to destroy a creature called silkworm ghost around Feige. . Even more frightening was that he found that the other four fingers of his left hand were in a state of waiting...
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