This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Megami No Sprinter summary:

Takase is almost opposite of his brother weak and not good at school. He recently moved in at his brother's house, who is a married guy. He is placed under an exceptional coach to improve his physical health, and the coach also know as 'Venus of track' is none other than his sister in law. She is developing a new technique to improve body at a faster rate by management of testosterone levels in the body, in other words sexual desire management. She calls it 'absolutel obedience.' And Takase have to go under it to improve himself. This changes his life drastically, read and find out more.
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Chapter 29 1,715 2 hour ago
Chapter 28: Extreme Sports 16,326 Sep 22,20
Chapter 25: What You Lack 39,123 May 13,20
Vol.4 Chapter 20: Rampage 128,252 Nov 12,19
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