This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

The Revenge Of The Duke's Daughter Theresia summary:

Queen Kristina was framed by her half-sister and thereby executed at the tender age of 16.16 years later, amidst the festivities in honour of the Queen’s birthday, a young girl is awash with nostalgia. Theresia, the daughter of a duke.Her butler whispers in her ear: "How long do you intend to have me protect you?"This young girl is none other than the former Queen, her reincarnation made possible after striking a deal with the alluring demon before her!The curtain rises on a noble lady and a demon as they set out on a quest for vengeance!
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Chapter 3.2 2,007 3 hour ago
Chapter 3.1 7,339 Jan 09,21
Chapter 2.3 8,423 Nov 19,20
Chapter 2.2 7,345 Nov 18,20
Chapter 2.1 7,687 Nov 17,20
Chapter 1.4 9,601 Nov 06,20
Chapter 1.3 10,482 Oct 23,20
Chapter 1.2 12,502 Oct 21,20
Chapter 1.1 15,404 Oct 19,20
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