This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Poisonous Doctor: First Wife’S Daughter summary:

The original owner died at the hands of others, the next second the successor of the Heaven’s Godly Healing Needle crawled out of the grave! Clothes bloodied red; heart ice cold! Nasty relatives? No worries! One prick of a silver needle guarantees obedience! Appearance ruined and fingers broken? Can’t practice medicine or cultivate? Easy! Fix appearance, reform muscles and bones, dazzle and blind every bastard’s eyes! He, is Xia Dynasty’s most adored official; arrogant and addicted to killing. Yet the first time he saw her, he immediately entered wife-pampering mode. She, who returned mightily, with world shocking abilities, relied on her poison needle to aid him in achieving dominance.
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Chapter 9 387 3 hour ago
Chapter 8 1,738 Oct 07,20
Chapter 7 2,391 Sep 27,20
Chapter 6 2,742 Sep 22,20
Chapter 5 3,036 Sep 16,20
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Chapter 3 3,088 Aug 25,20
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