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  • Arakure Ojousama Wa Monmon Shiteiru

    A Rough Lady is Being Deceived ; あらくれお嬢様はもんもんしている

  • Author(s) : Kinoshita Yuichi ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan 11,2021 - 21:39 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 3,205,220
  • Genres : Comedy, Romance, Slice of life,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.83/ 5 - 1100 votes

Arakure Ojousama Wa Monmon Shiteiru summary:

Meet Tsubaki Kuchinashi, the Manhater Prince. Beautiful and popular, Tsubaki's core strength in high school comes from her position as the principal's granddaughter - suffice it to say, but any student or teacher who even looks at her the wrong way could be expelled at a moment's notice. Meet Tadashi Kiritsu, the head of the Public Morals Committee. As sharp and rigid as his glasses, Tadashi despises Kuchinashi's iron grip on the school. Naturally, a challenge to her rule bothers Kuchinashi, and she decides to get rid of him as soon as possible. Her plan? Get him in a honey trap. However, that's easier said than done.
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