This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Kimi Wa 008 summary:

Akashi Eito has failed miserably on all high school admissions exams but somehow, he receives a letter of acceptance from a school he does not remember applying for. He nevertheless happily enrols, expecting to live the ideal school life, but his aspiration is quickly destroyed as he discovers that this mysterious school is a training institution for secret agents!Immediately, Eito wants to return home and live a normal life with his normal family, until the director of the school makes a shocking revelation: Eito's deceased father was also a secret agent! He subsequently wants to know more about the past and memories of his father, so he decides to stay in this school. However, as a student of this institution, Eito will have to face a deadly exam made to test the skills of all new students...Follow this story of action and espionage, in which our hero, who lacks physical strength, compensates for it with great bravery, and captivates everyone around him with the power of his courage and friendship!!!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.8 Chapter 65: Lies 30,158 Jan 16,21
Vol.7 Chapter 64: Lulus 20,862 Dec 26,20
Vol.6 Chapter 55: Ayame 28,775 Oct 08,20
Vol.6 Chapter 53: Why? 28,677 Sep 23,20
Vol.6 Chapter 50: I Am... 41,491 Jun 22,20
Vol.4 Chapter 29: Assassin 11,294 Jul 09,20
Vol.3 Chapter 23: Tea Time 62,244 Aug 25,19
Vol.3 Chapter 19: Who? 12,364 Jul 09,20
Vol.2 Chapter 16: Readiness 100,188 Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 3 18,140 Jul 09,20
Vol.1 Chapter 2 22,607 Jul 09,20
Vol.1 Chapter 1 199,951 Aug 25,19
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