This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Tenkuu Shinpan Arrive summary:

Senya is just an ordinary guy, who wanted to become an astronaut as a kid. One day and suddenly, he's transported into another world after seeing on the rooftop of his school something like a "tower" going across the sky. There, he witnesses a ruined world, where skyscrapers are connected by suspension bridges. Senya, perplexed, manages to see a girl standing on the roof of another building, as well as a masked man holding a bloody weapon in his hands...
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 25: Talk 2,651 Jul 30,20
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Sorry 11,064 Mar 25,20
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Fight 26,338 Oct 21,19
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