This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

The Moon God Doesn't Understand Love summary:

An auspicious cloud thousands of years ago—Because Huang Yue wanted to undergo punishment under Heavenly Tribulation with the dragon Xia Ying, he lost his life. Xia Ying tried his best to save Huang Yue, and so Huang Yue was reborn as the Moon God, and the fate of the two prevailed. After rebirth, Huang Yue was demoted due to his poor performance, and met with Xia Ying once again. The sparks between the two continued to flicker. Together, they must resolve the grudges and lingering hatred of mortals in this world. The truth from thousands of years ago also began to unravel…
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Chapter 4 86 3 hour ago
Chapter 3 597 Oct 10,20
Chapter 2 906 Sep 06,20
Chapter 1 954 Sep 06,20
Chapter 0.5 798 Sep 06,20
Chapter 0 1,254 Jul 25,20
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