This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Tougen Anki summary:

Ichinose Shiki, an inheritor of the blood of Oni had lived out his entire childhood oblivious to this fact. However, when an unknown man comes rushing into his home in attempts to assassinate him, his foster father finally reveals the truth. In a world where Oni and Momotarou have never been able to coexist, join Ichinose in his struggle for power and unifying the two races!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 34: I Hated Him 12,263 Feb 18,21
Chapter 27: Scared? 16,414 Dec 26,20
Chapter 14: Dangerous Guys 20,506 Sep 20,20
Chapter 12: Help Me 19,632 Sep 08,20
Chapter 11: Your Father 19,820 Aug 30,20
Chapter 7 18,645 Aug 21,20
Chapter 6 19,132 Aug 21,20
Chapter 1: Oni Blood 34,198 Aug 13,20
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